Partnership Firm To PVT LTD Company

Advantage Of Partnership Firm


Following reasons can help you decide, why you should go for an PARTNERSHIP FIRM:


  • Capital

    There is no minimum Capital requirement in case of partnership unlike LLP and Private Limited Company. One can even start with say Rs. 50,000.

  • Flexibility

    A partnership is generally easier to form, manage and run. They are less strictly regulated than companies, in terms of the laws governing the formation and because the partners have the only say in the way the business is run (without interference by shareholders) they are far more flexible in terms of management, as long as all the partners can agree.

  • Shared Responsibility

    Partners can share the responsibility of the running of the business. This will allow them to make the most of their abilities. So if one partner is good with figures, they might deal with the book keeping and accounts, while the other partner might have a flare for sales and therefore be the main sales person for the business.

  • Decision Making

    Partners share the decision making and can help each other out when they need to. More partners means more brains that can be picked for business ideas and for the solving of problems that the business encounters


  • We’ll first understand your requirement of business and on such basis prepare your partnership deed
  • We will finalize your deed as per your recommendation
  • PAN and TAN Application Filing
  • Allotment of PAN & TAN