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What is VAT registration?



Any trading or manufacturing business, whether a sole proprietorship or a partnership firm or a private limited company, that sells its products is liable to be registered for VAT.





In India if the turnover of your (that is you are a entrepreneur) business is more than ₹5 Lakh in a year (₹10 Lakh is some states), then you need to have a VAT Registration.

Also if your business is involved in purchasing goods that have been levied with VAT, then it is advisable that you go for a registration or else you will have no way to claim the VAT that goes from your pocket.

If you are dealing inter- state then it becomes mandatory for you to have CST Registration if in case you do not want any hassles in the logistics.


Document required:


  • 1. Incorporation Certificate of Company (in case of Companies)
  • 2. MoA & AoA (in case of Companies)
  • 3. Particulars of people involved in the firm.
  • 4. Address Proof of Director – Lease / Rental Agreement
  • 5. Company PAN Card / Individual PAN card in case of Proprietorship
  • 6. ID Proof of Director – Pan Card / Election Card/ Passport/ Driving License
  • 7. Rental Agreement/ Lease Agreement of Company / Proprietorship
  • 8. In case of Partnership firm- Partnership Deed
  • 9. Passport size Photograph of Director of the firm.


Information Required from you



  • 1. Name of the Dealer
  • 2. Name of The Company
  • 3. Postal Address
  • 4. Telephone No
  • 5. EMail Address
  • 6. Details of Director/ Managing Director/ Partners / Proprietor – Address,Ph.No, eMail ID
  • 7. Details of Authorized Signatory
  • 8. PAN No of Partnership firm
  • 9. Date of Commencement of Business
  • 10. Date of Birth / Date of Incorporation – (in case of Company)
  • 11. Nature of Business
  • 12. Commodities description
  • 13. Bank Account details
  • 14. List of Directors (in case of Companies)
  • 15. Details of the Company / Individual – in case of Proprietorship


Benefits of VAT Registration



  • There will be a certain authenticity associated to your company and other entrepreneurs will be more comforted in doing business with you. This is a surety on your part that yes legally you are a sorted company.

  • A VAT registration implies that your business turnover is more than 5 lakh INR. So it makes your company appear established and larger. That will further appeal to more entrepreneurs and help you expand.

  • You can easily see your VAT status or dealer status just by punching in your VAT number. This removes all hassles of going through all set of documents or receipts that when last VAT was paid.


  • Send us the documents/ information
  • We will file your application
  • We will keep a check on status of the application and make you update
  • Registration Certificate will be issued to you